Pasaji Ponan Tradition of Sumbawa Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province

Culture always becomes an important of a country or region, especially when it comes to Indonesia tourism. No wonder, many people have a specific reason for visiting Sumbawa Regency. They want to find several interesting traditions, including the one called Pasaji Ponan. This tradition is done mostly in Moyo Hilir Sub-District, actually. For the information, the locals may do it when paddy is maturing. In terms of dates, it varies depending on the condition of the farms. Still, it is done regularly once a year! According to the locals, they conduct it mostly in March.

The Nuance
The nuance is both merry and solemn. It is because many people participate in the event, including villagers and tourists. There is no special costume, so everyone can wear casual clothes when joining the ceremony. As for the location, it is done in local farms. Villagers may conduct a small parade to the location, as well. No wonder, it looks merry and attractive! The only consideration is everyone should walk and conduct the procession solemnly. This explains why tourists should not cause a disturbance when joining the tradition.

More about Pasaji Ponan Tradition
The most interesting procession in Pasaji Ponan Tradition is the presentation of local snacks to the participants. The competition is fierce, though. That means everyone needs to scramble in order to get the foods. Despite the fact, everyone feels satisfied and happy. It is because they enjoy the togetherness and the nuance. As for tourists, they have the chance to get along with villagers and learn their local language. Even foreigners can talk easily with them due to the warmth of those people.

Aside from enjoying the nuance, tourists get more benefits by joining Pasaji Ponan Tradition. For example, they can learn more information and history related to the tradition. It is said the tradition has the purpose, which is to show gratitude and togetherness. For the information, most participants come from three villages including Lengas, Poto, and Sameri Village. Each of them becomes the host alternately. Therefore, tourists need to find out the schedule first if they want to watch or join the event.

As mentioned before, Pasaji Ponan takes place in a certain place, surrounded by farms. Eating local snacks is one of the processions. The next important part is to pray together. The purpose is to ask for fertility and abundant crops in the next year. Have no worries. Tourists are allowed to join it, as long as they don’t cause a disturbance while praying. Also, they must follow the instructions when joining the ceremony.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Tourists need to visit Sumbawa Regency if they want to watch or join Pasaji Ponan Tradition. The best way to get there is by airplane, though. For those coming from Jakarta City (Soekarno – Hatta International Airport), they may spend around 4 hours to get to Sultan Muhammad Kaharuddin Airport. Once arriving at the airport, the next destination is Moyo Hilir Sub-District where the locals often conduct the event.

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