Lawar Beach in Sumbawa Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province

Most people come to Sumbawa Regency to explore beautiful beaches. The purpose varies, though. It can be for relaxation, photography, sightseeing, etc. The question is where most tourists spend their vacation when visiting the region. As for the reference, they have Lawar Beach. The location is in Sekongkang Bawah Village and it belongs to Sekongkang Sub-District. The serenity becomes the prime attraction of this beach. That means visitors are able to enjoy relaxation and getting rid of tensions there. Another allure is the strategic location, which is located near to other stunning beaches like Rantung and Tropica.

The Nuance
Like other beaches in Sumba Island, Lawar Beach has a white sandy shoreline with its soft texture. This one has some unique differences, though. It is the presence of a grassy landscape in the back and a big green hill on both sides of the beach. Many trees also grow in that area. Well, the most unique feature perhaps is the presence of local cows that often come for sodding. What about the sea? The waves are moderate, so it is safe for swimming (as long as tourists conduct it in a careful manner).

Exploring Lawar Beach
Despite the popularity, Lawar Beach is considered quiet. That means tourists are able to enjoy the serenity to their heart’s content! This also explains why most visitors have the same motive to visit the beach, which is to enjoy relaxation. Aside from that, Lawar offers a nice shore with its calm waves. All people are allowed to swim in the sea safely regardless of the experience, as long as they don’t act recklessly. Here is another precaution. Not all spots in the sea are suitable for swimming. Thus, tourists should pay attention to where they are going to swim or play water.

The next recommended thing to do in Lawar Beach is to explore the grassy landscape, which is located in the back of the shoreline. If tourists are lucky enough, they may see a group of cows in that area. As an alternative, they should visit a local settlement and enjoy the rural nuance. The locals’ activity looks interesting, too, in fact.

What is more? Lawar Beach is also known for its sunset. Knowing the fact, tourists must visit the site early before the dusk. The purpose is to witness such a romantic sunset, without a doubt. Next, those who want to witness stunning underwater panorama should not miss the chance to enjoy snorkeling or diving in Lawar Beach. The thing is they must carry or prepare the equipment by themselves, due to the absence of rental services.

Nearby Attractions

  • Sekongkang Dam

How to Get There
From Jakarta City, tourists need to take an airplane to Sumbawa Regency. The flight starts from Soekarno – Hatta International Airport and the destination is Sultan Kaharuddin III Airport at Sumbawa Besar City. After they arrive at Sumbawa, the next destination is Sekongkang Bawah Village where the beach resides. The distance is 154 km, so the trip may take around 3 hours and 41 minutes. Have no worries. It can be faster if tourists take Lintas Sumbawa Street.

Where to Stay

  • Baha – Baha Villa
  • Rantung Beach Hotel

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