Mata Jitu Waterfall in Sumbawa Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province

Tourists have realized that Sumbawa Regency also has several astonishing islands to explore. In terms of popularity, in this case, Moyo Island is outstanding. One of the reasons is that the island has lots of natural attractions that tourists can see during the visit. For instance, there is Mata Jitu Waterfall. Even though the location is a little bit secluded, no one gets disappointed after visiting the waterfall. As for tourist activities, they can enjoy photography, sightseeing, and exploration once arriving at the location. The isolated location also helps everyone to get rid of stresses, somehow.

The Nuance
Mata Jitu Waterfall is located in the midst of a forest. No wonder, it offers a serene nuance and comfy atmosphere. The presence of lush trees and songs of birds soothe visitors, as well. As for the size, the waterfall has a moderate height and it comes with a weak water discharge. Below it, tourists may see a Tosca natural pond with its cold water too! Even though taking a bath is possible, it is likely tourists don’t want to get in the water due to the cold temperature.

Exploring Mata Jitu Waterfall
As mentioned before, Mata Jitu Waterfall is surrounded by lush trees in the midst of a forest. That means tourists need to conduct a short trekking to get there, which takes some stamina. The best thing is the waterfall offers a serene nuance, so tourists can enjoy relaxation during the visit. Even the sound of gurgling water soothes everyone’s mind. Also, the green landscape and shady trees complete tourists’ satisfaction. For the best experience, though, tourists must visit the waterfall only in the morning due to the freshest air.

The next thing that tourists can do once they arrive at Mata Jitu Waterfall is to take a bath in the natural pond. The location is below the waterfall, so it is quite reachable. As for the condition, the natural pond is shallow and features refreshing air. That means it is suitable for both adults and kids. The fact is the waterfall has 7 natural ponds! Moreover, it has four levels of water discharges! Due to the richness of nature, many locals also call it the “Queen Waterfall”, in fact.

According to the locals, both the waterfall and rocky landscapes have been there since a thousand years ago. Aside from the beauty of the waterfall, tourists would be impressed by the majestic stalagmites and stalactites that reside on the cliff of the waterfall too, for sure. These objects become the best background for photography, without a doubt. Thus, everyone should not forget to carry a camera when visiting the waterfall later.

Nearby Attractions

  • Sengelu Beach
  • Labuna’e Beach
  • Medang Island

How to Get There
Mata Jitu Waterfall is located in Moyo Island. First, tourists should head to Sumbawa Regency, though. If they come from Jakarta City, the flight may take around 4 hours and 5 minutes. They can get the airplane service at Soekarno – Hatta International Airport and the destination is Sultan Muhammad Kaharuddin III Airport. Next, they must get a boat service at Badas Port and head to Labuhan Aji Port at Moyo Island.

Where to Stay

  • Maleo Moyo Seaside Resort
  • Bale Moyo Guesthouse
  • Maryan Bungalows

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